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Youssoufa Moukoko Biography

This work on Youssoufa Moukoko Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle, and Girlfriend/wife.
Who was Youssoufa Moukoko before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Youssoufa Moukoko Childhood story: 

Youssoufa Moukoko was born on the 20th day of November 2004. His birthplace is Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. The name of his father is Joseph Moukoko while his mom goes by the name Marie Moukoko.

Where Did Youssoufa Moukoko Grow up: 

The goal-scoring machine was raised at his birthplace in Yaoundé. Growing up in the city, young Youssoufa was very much invested in football to the admiration of his family who watched him sprout into a young soccer genius.

Youssoufa Moukoko Early Career Tradjectory:

By the time Moukoko was 11 years old, his parents agreed to an offer that will see him begin playing for FC St. Paul at Germany. Upon arriving at the club, the youngster impressed so much that he became a standout player for the club’s Under-15 side.

photo of Moukoko during his early career days.
Photo of Moukoko during his early career days.

Impressed by his early career successes, Moukoko’s dad pressed to have him transferred to Borussia Dortmund. Did you know that Moukoko gained promotion to BVB U17 side before he became a teenager? That was how good he was. In fact, he was banging goals left, right center, and middle that made many wonders if he wasn’t older than 12.

Career Turning Point:

The Yaounde native became extremely close to achieving fame when he moves from BVB’s U17s to U19s during the beginning of the 2019-2020 season. At that stage of his career, he already had coaches of the club singing his praises. Even the reticent manager Lucien Favre could not help telling the press that Moukoko was the hottest among Borussia Dortmund’s next batch of youngsters.


Fortunately, the youngster was not one to let praises get to his head. He remained down to earth even while training with BVB’s first team in January 2020. When Moukoko eventually made his debut for the yellow and blacks, he was breaking records after records for reasons not far from his young age.

photo of Moukoko during his debut .
Photo of Moukoko during his debut.

At Sportliva, we believe the forward’s journey in top-flight soccer has just begun and he would keep making positive headlines in the nearest future.

Youssoufa Moukoko Personal Life:

There are many words that can be deployed to describe the persona of Youssoufa Moukoko. Prominent among the words are free-spirited, purposeful, and humble. Although the youngster shies away from media attention especially interviews because of his age, there is no denying the fact that his strength of character and emotional intelligence speak well of him than a hundred interviews would. Like most football geniuses Moukoko has interests and hobbies. They include riding in speed boats, spending quality time with families and friends, and swimming. Isn’t he an amazing young talent?

photo of player engaging in one of his hobies.
Photo of the player engaging in one of his hobbies.

Who is Youssoufa Moukoko Girlfriend 

We are happy to report that Moukoko has no girlfriend as of 2021. We believe the development will enable stay focused on the ball as he has more than a decade of career football before him.

there is no chance the player is going into the relation anytime soon.
There is no chance the player is going into any relationship anytime soon.

About Youssoufa Moukoko parents and siblings 

Like we earlier mentioned, Marie and Joseph are Youssoufa Moukoko’s Parents. Marie reportedly gave birth to the footballer when she was she was 18. She took care of him before her husband came to take him to Hamburg in Germany. Regarding Youssoufa Moukoko’s dad – Joseph, is a one-time amateur football player.
The loving and supportive dad is a citizen of Germany, a country he migrated to from Yaounde when he was much younger. Regarding the footballer siblings, he reportedly has four siblings. However, only one is known to us. He goes by the name Borel. Interestingly, Borel is also into football and plays for the German club Schwarz-Weiß Essen (as of 2019).

Youssoufa Moukoko Lifestyle:

Regarding how the footballer makes and spends his money, his net worth in 2021 still under review. However, we know that he must have accumulated a lot of wealth from years of playing football. However, it is difficult to track how he spends it no thanks to the fact that he is being shielded from much media attention. As such, it might be difficult to know what kind of cars he rides or the nature of the house that he resides in.

the player possing close to a car that might be his.
The player posing close to a car that might be his.

Summary of  Youssoufa Moukoko Biography:

Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full Name: Youssoufa Moukoko.
Nickname: “Koko”
Age: 16 years (in 2020).
Place of Birth: Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon.
Sibling: Borel (older brother).
Girlfriend/Spouse: N/A.
Salary: 250,000 Euros per year.
Net Worth: 500 Thousand Euros.
Zodiac: Scorpio.
Height: 5 Feet, 9 Inches.
Pets: N/A.
Youssoufa Moukoko Family Origins: Cameroon.
Name of Youssoufa Moukoko parents: Marie (mother) and Joseph (father).
Family Background: Middle class.
SoFIFA Ratings: 72/92.


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