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Ronald Koeman Biography

Who is the Dutch Man that has been appointed as Barcelona’s Coach? Behold Ronald Koeman Biography. It is a collection of facts detailing his childhood, parents, love life, family, lifestyle and net worth.

Ronald Koeman Biography
Ronald Koeman. (Image:

In addition, we will walk you through facts about his career trajectory, turning point and breakthrough. While you are at it, please note that Ronald Koeman Biography is not the only article in our bio section. Check our archives for interesting bios of your favourite Managers.

Ronald Koeman Childhood and Early Life:

The manager was born on the 21st day of March 1963 at the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands. He was named Ronald Koeman by his mother, Marijke and his father, Martin. Young Koeman grew up in Zaandam with his older brother, Erwin.

Growing up in Zaandam, there was practically no way that Koeman couldn’t have been involved in football. His father had a history with the sport while the surrounding – his hometown and much of Netherlands – promoted the sport.

Childhood photo of Ronald Koeman with his father and older brother
Childhood photo of Ronald Koeman with his father and older brother. (Image:

As a result, Koeman began playing soccer with his 18 Months older brother as soon as he learned to walk. The duo would often play the sport in the streets for long hours, such that their mother became used to throwing them food from the balcony of their home.

Full NameRonald Koeman
Date of Birth21st day of March 1963
Place of BirthZaandam in the Netherlands
Birth Sign (Zodiac)Aries
EthnicityNot Defined

Ronald Koeman Football Career Trajectory

The football prodigy started his journey in career football with amateur local clubs, VV Helpman and GRG Groningen. He soon found his way to FC Groningen, where he made his professional debut at the age of 17. With the debut, Koeman became the youngest professional player to play for the club.

Having scored 33 goals in 90 games, it became obvious that the defender/midfielder was too good to remain with a small club. Ajax brought him to Amsterdam, and he repaid their confidence by helping the club win the Eredivisie title in his second season with them.

Rise to prominence as a footballer

Thereafter, it was a feast of trophies for Koeman who went to PSV Eindhoven and helped the club to three consecutive Eredivisie title including an European Cup. He was also super impressive at Barcelona which he won four consecutive La Liga trophies including the European Cup.

See a photo of the ex-defender during his glory days at Barcelona.
See a photo of the ex-defender during his glory days at Barcelona. (Image:

Koeman eventually called time on his professional career in 1997 after playing for Feyenoord to become one of the few players to play for the top three Dutch local football teams. His goals tally of 193 in 533 matches is one of the highest times that a defender had found the back of the net in the history of football.

Early Beginnings in Management

The decision to delve into management was an easy one for Koeman. He already had an impressive track record in club and international appearances for Netherlands. In fact, Netherlands were not quick to forget how he – as a player – helped the national team win the 1988 Euro cup.

As a result, he was glady offered an appointment as a member of the national coaching staff during the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Barcelona were also honoured to have him enjoy a stint with them as an assistant coach. When Koeman eventually got his first coaching job as manager of dutch football club Vitesse in 2000, he made a good first impression by leading the side to a UEFA Cup spot with a low budget.

In his subsequent coaching jobs, Koeman had a mix of success and failure managing Ajax (2001–2005). Although Koeman wasn’t quite successful with Benfica (2005-2006) which gave him his first sack letter, he led PSV to win the Eredivisie Championship during the 2006-2007 season.


Picking up from where he left off, the dutchman began a slow ascent to Managerial breakthrough by helping Valencia win the Copa del Rey 2007–2008. Koeman’s subsequent stints with AZ (2009) and Feyenoord (2011-2014) are worth mentioning while his impressive foray in the premier league as coach of Southampton was the pinnacle of his coaching career. He was thrice named the league’s manager of the month during the 2014–2015 and the 2015–2016 seasons.

Koeman went on to begin coaching Everton in 2016 and soon secured an appointment as coach of Netherlands national team in 2020. Ever since the manager left Barcelona in 1995, he has always had the club’s best interests at heart. Therefore, his recent appointment as the club’s new manager is a step many believe will help restore the lost glory of the Catalan club which had an ugly 2019/2020 season. Whichever direction he steers the club to would be another headline on Sportliva.

Ronald Koeman Family and Personal Life

The manager’s CV was quite a long read right? Reading through it is enough to ask questions regarding whether he has a life outside football or not. Truth be told, Koman is also impressive outside football. His great inter-personal skills backed with a proper amount of ego make him an individual people love to be around. He does also cherish companionship and stick to those who matter, especially family and friends. This brings us to the never-ending search for information about Ronald Koeman’s Parents and immediate family.

Who are Ronald Koeman Wife and Children?

Our manager has been in decades of marital relationship with a single woman. Ronald Koeman wife is no other person but Bartina. They officially became in couples in December 1985 and have been together ever since.

Ronald Koeman’s wife is mother to their children. They include sons Tim and Ronald Koeman Jr. They do also have a daughter, Debbie. Ronald is into football and plays as a goalkeeper for FC Oss in the Eerste Divisie.

From L-R Ronald Koeman Jr, Bartina,Tim, Debbie and the manager himself.
From L-R Ronald Koeman Jr, Bartina, Tim, Debbie and the manager himself. (Image:

About Ronald Koeman Parents and Siblings

The manager’s family has a rich heritage in football. His father Martin had a less remarkable career playing for local clubs. He did also have one international appearance to his credit. Until his death in 2013, Martin was involved in football to the very end. Although the manager’s mother Marijke rarely made news, her role in keeping the family together is worth emulating.

Away from Ronald Koeman’s parents, his older brother Erwin was also a football player turned manager. He had a less remarkable career and was last known to be the head coach of Oman.

ChildrenTim, Ronald Koeman Jr and Debbie
Name of Ronald Koeman’s ParentsMarijke (mother) and his father (Martin)
Name of Ronald Koeman’s SiblingsErwin (brother)
Height5 feet, 11 inches.

Ronald Koeman Net Worth and LifeStyle

Are you one of many who desire to know the coach’s net worth in 2020 and how he made his money? Ronald Koeman’s net worth is estimated at $8m. He gets handsomely paid for leading teams to title wins and qualifications, while extra income that takes the form of winning bonus and endorsement does often trick into his bank account. It is on the assurances of a steady flow from both sources of wealth that Koeman rides a Bentley Car and possesses expensive houses.

Fun Facts about Ronald Koeman

1. The Koeman’s have a stand at Groningen FC. It is in recognition of the contributions of the manager, his brother and father to the success of the club. Koeman and his brother began their professional career with the club while their father spent his last years helping the club’s academy.

2. The manager and his brother are known to be the first siblings to take charge of two national teams at the same time.

3. Did you know that the coach’s boyhood club FC Groningen is famous for producing talents like Arjen Robben and Van Dijk? Now you know.

3. The story of every successful manager has an underlying lesson. Ronald Koeman life story is one that proves we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. Make success a habit.


That does it for Ronald Koeman’s biography. We hope you found it as an interesting read. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, please let us know by leaving a comment. Looking for more factual stories like Ronald Koeman life story? Consider reading Hansi Flick biography.

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