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Ralph Hasenhuttl Biography

This work on Ralph Hasenhuttl Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle and Girlfriend/wife.

Who was Ralph Hasenhuttl before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Childhood Story: 

Ralph Hasenhuttl was born on the 9th day of August 1967. His birthplace is the city of Graz in Australia. See photos of his mother Ingrid and father Gilbert below.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Parents

Where Did Ralph Hasenhuttl grow up?

He grew up at his birthplace in the city of Graz. Growing up in the city, Hasenhuttl was engaged in dancing and several sports activities. Interestingly, he sometimes danced with his sister at school. However, the Graz native was seen as a lazy kid because he didn’t want to commit to any of his sporting interests.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Early Career Trajectory:

Fortunately, he warmed up to football and sought to make a career out of the sport. Therefore, he joined local club GAK at an early age (before clocking 10) and made his first-team debut with the club during the 1985–86 season.

He began his career at GAK as a forward

Subsequent football endeavours saw Hasenhuttl have a successful career with FK Austria Salzburg, Belgian clubs Mechelen as well as German sides Greuther Fürth and Bayern Munich II before he called time on his career.

When the retired player set his sights on management, Bundesliga’s outfit Unterhaching was happy to engage him as a youth coach. He rose from the position to become the club’s assistant coach and finally head manager.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Career Turning Point:

As the years elapsed, Hasenhuttl grew in experience with a burning desire to make a name for himself. VFR Aalen gained a lot from his drive and experience as he helped them gain promotion to 2 Bundesliga. There was nothing stopping the fast-rising coach.

He took ill after contracting Hantavirus, while he was still with VFR Aalen but quickly recovered. Keeping up with his ambitious Tempo, Hasenhuttl helped his next team FC Ingolstadt 04 get promoted to Bundesliga for the very first time? Isn’t he amazing?

He helped FC Ingolstadt 04 get promoted to the Bundesliga for the first time

Ralph Hasenhuttl Breakthrough:

Moving on, Hasenhuttl joined RB Leipzig and led to the team to finish in second place of the Bundesliga in his debut season with the newly-promoted club. In 2018 he left for Southampton after spending two seasons with the German side.

He is currently the coach of Southampton

Ever since the experienced manager began coaching the saints, he has been a magnificent coach. Hasenhuttl he has seen bad times, especially when Southampton lost 9-0 to Leicester at home. Nonetheless, he has succeeded in steering the club to greater heights, a development which pundits describe as The Premier League’s biggest comeback.

Also, Hasenhuttl has been clinching impressive wins in his quest to ensure that Southampton doesn’t suffer relegation. The latest of such victory was the saints 1-0 victory over Liverpool. At the end of the match, Hasenhuttl broke into tears because beating Klopp’s side was a dream come true. The manager is beyond reasonable doubts, the best thing to have happened to the Saints and he will definitely keep leading them to greater heights.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Personal Life:

Is the manger a little crazy as portrayed by the press? Who is he outside football? Sit tight as we are about to present facts that will unravel his personality. For starters, Hasenhuttl can be best described as weird, not crazy. The description is not unconnected to the fact that he is admirably calm when he is meant to be jittery.

Also, he is very disciplined and prefers milk over wine for post-match celebrations. Regarding his interest and hobbies, Hasenhuttl loves playing the piano. He also plays tennis and ice hockey. Interestingly, the coach also ski’s and scales canyon walls.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Climbing Canyon Walls

Who are Ralph Hasenhuttl Wife and Children:

Like most skilled managers that you can think of, Hasenhuttl is married with kids. The name of his wife is Sandra, and their marriage has lasted for decades. Speak of Sandra, she can be easily spotted by the manager side whenever he is not carrying out a professional function.

Ralph Hasenhuttl with his wife

As was previously stated, their marriage is blessed with kids, or grown-ups. They include Patrick and Philip. Patrick is the oldest of Hasenhuttl children. He is a professional footballer that plays for German 3 side, SpVgg as a striker.

The coach with his son patrick

Meet Ralph Hasenhuttl’s parents and siblings:

Gilbert is father to the manager. He is an accomplished painter who used to be a dancer. Now a very old man (most likely in his 80s as of 2020) Gilbert is still agile and has many more years to live. Next is the manager mother who goes by the name Ingrid. She also used to be a dancer like her husband. Asides dancing, she has interests in fashion and baking. Hasenhuttl says she makes the best cookie in their hometown. Can anyone confirm this?

Ralph Hasenhuttl with his parents

Ralph Hasenhuttl has only one sibling, and she is his sister. No brothers. H grew up with her and has wonderful childhood memories of her.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Net Worth and Lifestyle:

Regarding how the coach makes and spends his money, he earns a whopping sum of £6 million every year. With such pay, he has been ranked as one premier league’s top 10 best-paid managers. As a matter of fact, he has no financial worries and has everything a coach can have to live and work comfortably. Cars, houses, you name it, Hasenhuttl has it all and we can only imagine how huge his net worth is.

Facts About Ralph Hasenhuttl:

To end this write up on Ralph Hasenhuttl’s biography, here are facts that you never knew about him.

Fact #1 – The Spy:

Although they might not readily admit it, coaches spy on the opposition and even on their mentors. The latter was the case of Hasenhuttl many years ago when he was sacked from Unterhaching, Hasenhuttl had enough free time in his hands and decided to use the opportunity to observe Dortmund’s training session. Klopp was Dortmund’s manager at the time, so Hasenhuttl did well to disguise himself. He wore a helmet and rode a mountain bike to the location in Austria where Dortmund was training as part of activities lined up for their preseason tour.

Fact #4 – Relationship With Klopp:

Did you know that Klopp and Hasenhuttl were born just 7 months apart? They started their career in Management at about the same time. Hasenhuttl holds Klopp in high esteem and thinks of him as a mentor.

The manager with his mentor

Summary of Ralph Hasenhuttl Biography:

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Ralph Hasenhuttl.
Nickname:“Klopp of the alps.”
Age:53 Years (as of January 2020)
Place of Birth:The city of Graz in Austria.
Sibling:A sister.
Girlfriend/Spouse:Sandra (wife)
Salary:£6,000,000 Per Annum.
Net Worth:£6 million.
Height:6 Feets, 2 Inches
Ralph Hasenhuttl Family Origins:Austria
Name of Ralph Hasenhuttl parents:Ingrid (mother), Gilbert (father).
Family Background:Middle Class


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