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Rafael Leao Biography

This work on Rafael Leao Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle and Girlfriend/wife.

Who was Rafael Leao before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Rafael Leao Childhood Story:

Rafael Leao was born on the 10th-June-1999 in the city of Almada in Portugal. His parents are Mr and Mrs Leao. The striker is one of six children of his parents. They gave him the name Lion-Heart when was born. Although the striker has his family roots in South Africa, his parents are from Angola. Below is a photo of him and his parents.

photo of with his mother and father
Photo of Rafeal with his mother and father.

Where did Rafael Leao grow up?

Rafael grew up alongside his 6 siblings in the city of Almada opposite Lisbon, which is on the banks of Tagus. The striker like most footballers started his career at a very tender age. He has treasured childhood memories of playing football on the fields and riverbank of his hometown.

“I used to skip meals when I was younger because I always get lost in football while playing it. Coming back home after dinner with dirty cloth became my everyday routine because of my love for football.”

Photo of Rafael Leao during his early football days.
Photo of Rafael Leao during his early football days.

The striker has always been passionate about winning every match, and he usually cries whenever he loses any match. Although growing up was a little difficult for Rafael,  he and his other siblings learnt to sacrifice for the family.

Early Career Trajectory:

football career started for Rafael when the president of Amora saw him and his friends playing football at the bottom of his building, which was not too far from where he lives.

“The president of the Amora club invited me to join his club when I was only 8years old after he saw me dribbling my friends. I discovered the difference between street football and Academy football after honouring the invitation of the president of Amora.”

At 9 years old, Rafael played in the local club’s Amora from 2006 to 2007 and foot 21 from 2007 to 2008, before he became a member of the youth systems of Sporting CP in the same year. The footballer grew and found the footing of his career in Sporting Lisbon’s youth system. Rafael became a professional in his field and at age 14, his skills became difficult for one to ignore. The footballer’s youth coach and mentor at Tiago Fernandes told France Football this:

“The skills of Rafael are like that of a professional, he does things with the ball others can only dream of.”

According to Rafael Leao’s coach:

“Rafael Leao is the best player in the history of the sporting academy.”

He was even better than most legend we know, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo and was a better captain than Cristiano Ronaldo at the same age.

photo of the young striker when he was made captain of his team.
Photo of the young striker when he was the captain of his team.

Career Turning Point:

Rafael Leao made his debut for the Green and Whites when he was only 18-year-old. He went on to make history as the club’s youngest goalscorer by scoring against Porto in a 1–2 away loss. The striker scored the goal by playing the ball in between the leg  (nutmegging) of a legend called Iker Casillas.

photo of the striker when he scored the goal against porto.
Photo of the striker when he scored the goal against Porto.

Although it was a hard decision for the striker to make, he had no choice but to leave Verde e brancos. His decision to leave came after an unhappy fan attacked the coach and players during training. After leaving Verde e brancos, he became a free agent and signed for Lille, where he appeared 24 times and scored 8 goals.

Photo of Rafael Leao when he signed for Lille.
Photo of Rafael Leao when he signed for Lille.


Rafael Leao gladly became part of the Red and Black in Milan because of their commitment to promoting young footballers. The striker’s football career took a different turn in Milan as he became famous for scoring the fastest goal in Serie A history in six seconds.

Interestingly, on 20-December-2020, the goal scored by the striker against U.S. Sassuolo Calcio was recorded as the fastest goal ever scored in Europe’s top five leagues. Rafael Leao has really become a professional in his field, a blessing to his club and family.

Rafael Leao Personal Life:

There is more to Rafael than being just a professional striker. The striker is a jovial person who loves and enjoys life Off-pitch. The striker loves seeing water bodies and smiles at every opportunity he gets. He is also a lover of video games.

Photo of Rafael Leao when he signed for Lille.
Photo Rafael having a good time in a water body.

Who is Rafael Leao Girlfriend/Wife To be?

At the time of writing Rafael’s biography, we have gotten no information about who the striker dated or is dating. We had to search for information about his girlfriend but to no avail. From all indications, it either he doesn’t have a girlfriend, or he is secretly dating someone.

we can only guess the girlfriend of the striker.
We can only guess the girlfriend of the striker.

Who Are Rafael Leao Parents and Siblings?

The striker’s parents’ names are Mr and Mrs Leao. Rafael has been blessed with supportive parents who have always involved in all of his decision. His parents are behind every desire for his goal scoring and him becoming a professional in his field. Although the striker has said little about this wonderful persons, our guess is, he is waiting for the right time to sing their praises.

The striker opened a salon for his mother in February 2019. His hair was the first she made in her new salon.

photo of the footballer with his mother.
photo of the footballer with his mother in her new salon.

The striker has 3 brothers whose names are yet to be known, and he also has 3 sisters named Paulo, Bianca and Nadia. Although we could only gather little information about his siblings, we are certain they are glad to have him as a brother.

photo of the striker with his 3 brothers.
photo of the striker with his 3 brothers.

Rafael Leao Net Worth and Lifestyle:

At the time of writing this biography, the net worth of Rafael Leao is 3 million euros (in 2020). Although from all the information we have gathered, the striker is doing well and living a luxurious lifestyle.
Rafael’s fleet of exotic cars and the house/apartment are clear indications he is really enjoying his life, despite the high cost of maintenance the striker has his apartment in Milan. The striker earns €39,473 monthly and €1.4 million per year, which is very much enough to cover all his expenses.

photo of te striker showing off his fleet of cars.
photo of the striker showing off his fleet of cars.

Summary of Rafael Leao Biography:

Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full Name: Rafael Leao.
Nickname: Rafblinks.
Age: 21 (in 2020)
Place of Birth:  The city of Almada in Portugal.
Sibling: Three brothers and sisters (Paulo, Bianca, and Nadia).
Girlfriend/Spouse: N/A.
Salary: €1,400,000 per year.
Net Worth: 2 million euros (in 2021).
Zodiac: Gemini.
Height: 6 Feet, 2 Inches.
Pets: N/A
Rafael Leao Family Origins: Angola.
Name of Rafael Leao parents: Mr and Mrs Conceicao leao.
Family Background: Middle class.
SoFIFA Ratings: 74/83


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