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Matheus Cunha Biography 

This work on Matheus Cunha Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle and Girlfriend/wife.

Who was Matheus Cunha before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Matheus Cunha Childhood Story:

Matheus Santos Carneiro da Cunha was born on the 27th day of May 1999. His birthplace is the city of João Pessoa in Brazil. See photos of the forward’s mother Luziana and father Carmelo below.

Matheus Cunha father and mother
Matheus Cunha father and mother.

Where Did Matheus Cunha Grow up?

He was raised in João Pessoa (his birthplace) where he grew up playing Futsal and football. He also idolized Ronaldinho and Podolski as a kid. Interestingly, the striker was born into a wealthy family and an overall happy childhood. According to him:

“I was a child who grew up with everything I needed, I never lacked anything.”

childhood photo of matheus cunha and his sister
childhood photo of Matheus Cunha and his sister.

Matheus Cunha Early Career Trajectory:

The footballer’s journey in football began at Cabo Branco. It was a local club that his father played for as a kid.

he began career football at a very young age and had the support of his family
He began career football at a very young age and had the support of his family.

Thereafter he moved to CT Barão, a club that is based in Recife. It was when the then-teenager clocked 14 years that he became a part of Cortiba youth system. Narrating how he got into the club to newsmen, Matheus said:

“It was a businessman who took interest in my style of play. He asked that I should be taken to Coritiba.”

photo of the then teenage during his early career in football
Photo of the then teenage during his early career in football.

Matheus Cunha Career Turning Point:

At the peak of Cunha’s rise through the ranks of Coritiba, representatives from Sion asked that he should be transferred to the Swiss side after observing his talents for a long time. Cunha has always dreamt of playing in Europe and was happy with the move.

Although it was initially hard for him to get used to his new environment and playing tempo, he eventually adapted and began seeking stiffer competition. Speak of seeking stiffer competitions, did you know he joined Rb Leipzig in 2018 barely after spending a year at Sion?

see who joined Red Bull Leipzig for stiffer competition.
See who joined Red Bull Leipzig for stiffer competition.

Matheus Cunha Breakthrough in Football:

Rb Leipzig gave Cunha a platform to prove himself in line with the club’s tradition of betting on young people. Not one to misuse opportunities, Cunha fared excellently well and scored a number of high-profile goals. In fact, his goal against Bayer Leverkusen in 2019 was voted as Bundesliga goal of the year 2020. It also gained a nomination for FIFA Puskas award.

Fast forward to the time of writing this article on Matheus Cunha biography, the forward plays for Hertha BSC where he has already proven to be exceptional. Regarding his international duties, Cunha succeeds for Brazil where strikers Firmino and Jesus have failed. He is no doubts a blessing for club and country and will continue to record progress in leaps and bounds.

Matheus Cunha Personal Life: 

The striker is always a happy go lucky chappy outside the field of play. He has a likeable attitude and always looks at the positive side of things. It might interest you to know that the striker Ioves swimming a lot. In addition, travelling and spending time with family are part of his hobbies.

one of his favourite hobbies is swiming
One of his favourite hobbies is swimming.

Who is Matheus Cunha Girlfriend/Wife To be?

Behind some great player is an amazing fiance. Matheus Cunha’s girlfriend turned fiancé goes by the name Gabriela Nogueira. She is a lawyer who hails from the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Her relationship with Matheus dates as far back to the time before he arrived Europe. Matheus loves her and she loves him dearly too. It’s amazing how she went from being his girlfriend to fiance. It would not be long before she becomes his wife. Speak of which, can you guess who got a marriage proposal for Christmas? Gabriela of course!

matheus cunha with his wife and son
Matheus Cunha with his wife and son.

Matheus Cunha Parents and Siblings:

The forward dad’s name is Carmelo Cunha. He is a native of Paraíba as well as a former footballer and teacher.

matheus cunha photo with his dad when he was a child

Next is Matheus Cunha’s mother, Luziana. She is a native of Pernambuco in Brazil. Like her husband, she is super proud of the striker and happy to note that he has a better rate among national team players.

matheus cunha photo with his beautiful mum when he was a child
Matheus Cunha photo with his beautiful mum when he was a child.

Regarding Matheus Cunha’s siblings, he has just one sister called Mariah. She is the person you are most likely to find in Cunha’s childhood photos. She loves him dearly, and they both have each other’s best interests at heart.

Matheus Cunha with Carmelo,Mariah,Luzian, Meteo and his grandma.
Matheus Cunha with Carmelo, Mariah, Luzian, Meteo and his grandma.

Matheus Cunha Lifestyle:

The forward has a net worth of 7.5 Million Euro as of 2021 and earns £52,000 weekly. When you add his salary to what has earns from endorsements, the result is mind-blowing. It amounts to a sum that can buy anything buyable, including house and exotic car. Though Cunha is yet to own a private jet, he has been spotted several times cruising in chartered jets with his wife and kids. His lifestyle is that of upper-class citizens and there is no end to what he can keep enjoying.

Matheus Cunha and family in a private jet.
Matheus Cunha and family in a private jet.

Facts About Matheus Cunha:

As we round up this article is n Matheus Cunha biography here are facts you never knew about him.

Fact #1 Relationship With Neymar:

The striker is close to his compatriot who he admires a lot. In fact, when Cunha added to WhatsApp group of Brazilian internationals he posted “I’m happy to be here”. Neymar answered directly, ‘Welcome!’ looking at the duo it is easy to spot some sort of resemblance between them. Their friendship will surely stand the test of time.

Summary of Matheus Cunha Biography:

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Matheus Santo Carneiro da Cunha.
Age:21 years (February 2020).
Place of Birth:Joao Pessoa in Brazil.
Sibling:Mariah (sister).
Net Worth:7.5 Milion Euro
Height:6 Feet.
Matheus Cunha Family Origins:Brazil.
Name of Matheus Cunha parents:Luziana (mother) and Carmelo (father).
Family Background:Middle Class.
SoFIFA Ratings:80/87 (2021).


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