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Martin Odegaard Biography

This work on Martin Odegaard Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle and Girlfriend/wife.

Who was Martin Odegaard before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Martin Odegaard Childhood Story:

Martin Odegaard was born on the 17th of December 1988. His birthplace is the city of Drammen in Norway. See photos of his parents Lene Cecile (mother) and Hans Erik (father) below.

Martin Odegaard Parents
Martin Odegaard Parents.

Where Did Martin Odegaard Grow up?

Martin Odegaard grew up in a small and quiet town in Drammen called Toppenhaug. Before the rise of Odegaard, football had never been associated with the people of this town. In fact, the town was only known for its fjords, mountains, picturesque valleys sprinkled with colourful wooden houses, thick snow and Northern lights.

The people of Toppenhaug will forever remember Martin Odegaard for putting their town on the map of soccer hotpots. The footballer grew up with his older brother Kristoffer and two younger sisters, Emilie and Mari. His father introduced him to football when he was growing up.

photo of young Martin Odegaar and older brother and sister
Photo of young Martin Odegaard, his older brother and sister.

Martin Odegaard Early Career Trajectory:

At 6, Odegaard was already a member of a strong Drammen local club. Interestingly, an enormous amount of money was donated to the club by his parents and others to refill their gravel field with artificial turf. Odegaard’s crucial development was as the result of the donation, which made him consistently train on the field.

photo of young Martin Odegaar at six
Photo of young Martin Odegaard at six.

Martin Odegaard impressed the coaches and training staff with his excellent skills when he became a member of the youth division of Strømsgodset, which was also his father’s old team. The young player had to combine his education and football, which made him to not have the time to train with his club during the daytime, instead he trained at night after school.

Amid his rise, Odegaard was also racking regular appearances in the Norwegian top flight before his 16th birthday. He soon made a name for himself as a goal scorer and top assist maker for both club and Country. Because of his excellent performance, his father had him to train with top clubs in Europe, including Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Arsenal before settling for the biggest of them all — Real Madrid.

photo of young Martin Odegaar at the turning point of his careerphoto of young Martin Odegaar at the turning point of his career
Photo of young Martin Odegaard during his early career days.

Martin Odegaard Career Turning Point:

The young midfielder’s talent took him places one can only imagine, He impressed Spanish giants by the skills, in fact, he was still very young when he trained with Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and other superstars of the first team while in reserves Real Madrid. In 2015 the midfielder made his debut for the Los Blancos. With the debut, Real Madrid shirts with ‘Ødegaard’ on the back outsold those with ‘Ronaldo’.

photo of young Martin Odegaar with Ronaldo
Photo of young Martin Odegaard when he made his debut as a substitute for Ronaldo.

The player began suffering lack of first-team opportunities under Rafael Benitez, who was in charge of the senior set up following the dismissal of Ancelotti. Even when the club promoted Zidane to first-team manager, there was still no opportunity for Odegaard. Fortunately, he was loaned to Dutch outfit SC Heerenveen, where had constant playtime away from the spotlight.

Martin Odegaard Breakthrough in Football:

Martin Odegaard’s career Breakthrough began when Real Madrid loaned him to Real Sociedad in 2019. The midfielder scored 4-3 against his parent’s team by knocking them out of Copa del Rey. Fans of the Los Blancos gave Odegaard a standing ovation because of the outstanding goal he scored. Martin Odegaard is currently playing for Arsenal on a loan. The gunners believe the midfielder will introduce the needed creativity that the club’s midfielder lacks, because of his past track record.

photos of the easy going midfielder
The midfielder is now a member of Arsenal FC.

Martin Odegaard Personal Life:

Odegaard is an easygoing and a funny person off-pitch. The midfielder is a lover of video games, he also loves chess, and from all indications, the midfielder should be a foodie because he loves making smoothies. Above all, he still spares time for family and friends.

Who is Martin Odegaard Girlfriend/Wife To be?

Martin Odegaard used to have a girlfriend whose name is Oda Burud. She is also a soccer player and is from Norwegian. The two-player used to have a romantic past.

photos of martins odegaar with ex-girlfriend
Photos of Martin Odegaard with his ex-girlfriend.

They both went their separate ways after the midfielder moved to Madrid. There is a possibility that the midfielder is still single or dating someone secretly.

Martin Odegaard Parents and Siblings:

The midfielder’s father’s name is Hans Erik, who was also a professional football. He played for Strømsgodset and Sandefjord as a central midfielder before calling it quits in 2006. Hans Erik is currently his son’s agent and un-official manager. He ensures the midfielder undergoes consistent training as he aims at making his son’s football career a success story.

photo of the midfieler and his father
Photo of the midfielder and his father.

The midfielder has a calm, lovely, supportive, comported mother named Lene Cecile. It’s confirmed that Odegaard inherited this trait from his mother. It is evident by the manner he ignored Sergio Ramos for calling his mom foul names during the clash between Madrid and Sociedad.

photos of martins odegaar with mother
Photos of Martin Odegaard with his mother.

Martin Odegaard has a brother and two sisters, as said earlier. The midfielder’s older brother goes by the Kristoffer, he is a guard who loves body fitness.

Martins and his older brother xristoffer
Martins and his older brother Kristoffer.

The midfielder has two supportive sisters named Emilie and Mari. They live private lives.

Martins, his mother and sister having.
Martins, his mother and sister having fun.

Martin Odegaard Lifestyle:

in 2015, Odegaard was earning $45,000 according to the New York Times. In 2021 the midfielder earns £100,000 a weekly and his net worth is 4.7M Euros. Martin Odegaard wages now are a lot more than when he was receiving £38,000 at Real Madrid. He lives a luxurious life and will probably not have financial problems in the future.

This photo show that Martins Odegaar lives a luxsirois life
This photo shows that Martin Odegaard lives a luxurious life.

Summary of Martin Odegaard Biography:

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Martin Odegaard.
Age:22 years (in 2020).
Place of Birth:The city of Drammen in Norway.
Sibling:Kristoffer (older brother) Emilie and Mari (younger sisters)
Salary:£5,200,00 per year.
Net Worth:4.7m Euros.
Height:5 feet, 10 inches.
…. Family Origins:Drammen and Norwegian.
Name of … parents:Hans Erik and Lene Cecile.
Family Background:Middle class.
SoFIFA Ratings:83/89.


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