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Marcus Rashford Biography

Preamble to Marcus Rashford Biography

Who is the young footballer that the Queen is set to award Member of the Order of the British Empire? Behold Marcus Rashford Biography.

Rashford is a young attacker who plays for Manchester United football club in the English Premier League and the national team for England. This Biography is a collection of facts detailing his childhood, parents, love life, family, lifestyle and net worth.

In addition, we will take you through facts about Marcus Rashford’s career trajectory, turning point and breakthrough. Please remember, whilst you are at it, that the Biography of Marcus Rashford is not the only item in our bio section. For fascinating biographies of your favourite footballers, search our archives.

Marcus Rashford’s Childhood and Early Life

When and where was he born?

Rashford was born on the 31st day of October 1997, in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England. He was named by his father, Robert Rashford and his mother, Melanie Rashford.

Where did Marcus Rashford grow up?

Marcus Rashford grew up in his birth city, Manchester and has remained there till date.

Marcus Rashford

What was Marcus Rashford’s childhood Sport?

As a child, Marcus was a football lover, he started kicking the ball as early as the age of 5. He played at every opportunity he got with his siblings, be it the garden, inside his house where he broke a couple of things, parking lots over the road, or any space that he had the opportunity.

Marcus Rashford

He even mentioned in an interview that he still plays football indoors to the frustration of his mum. “Yeah, and my mum always shouts,” Rashford told the Telegraph when he was asked if he still played football indoors.

Early Career Trajectory

Which Local Club did Marcus Rashford begin training with?

Rashford joined Fletcher Moss Rangers, a local club at Manchester when he was five before moving to the Manchester United kids academy just two years after at the age of 7 when a scout from Manchester spotted his immense talent. He was just too good to ignore and when you consider the stage he is right now, it was a very good move for the club to get our wonder boy.

Career Turning Point

Our wonder kid’s life changed entirely when he won a spot in United’s youth academy at the age of 11, as the programme was for players aged 12 and over. Things were tough for him growing up especially with finances and he mentioned that his mum pushed so hard for him to get into the program.

Full NameMarcus Rashford
Date of Birth31st day of October 1997
Place of BirthManchester, England.
Birth Sign (Zodiac)Scorpio

Speaking to the BBC, Rashford said: “The programme that I started at 11 years old, you’re supposed to start it at 12 years old. It basically gives you accommodation closer to the training facilities and a new school and she worked that hard to push it forward because she knew that was a step I needed to take.”

He also struggled because he was a fast grower, his body build and height at that point set him apart from his academy mates to the extent that his long legs made him unable to control the ball when he was 14.

It was a tough struggle for Rashford but he did come out on top of it and right now, his footwork is one of the best in England and yes, he had to do a lot of work to get there. Soon, he became an established member of the youth team at United. In 2011, he was the youngest member of the FA Youth Cup-winning United Youth Squad. He soon advanced and further became a regular at United’s U-18 side.


Rashford steadily rose through the ranks at United and was named on the first-team bench for the first time on the 21st day of November 2015 but he wasn’t given pay time and had to wait for a while to get his opportunity.

On the 25th day of February 2016, Rashford was named on the team sheet to play in the Europa League round of 32 game against FC Midtjylland. Our wonder kid here wasted no time in announcing himself to the world as he scored two goals on his debut making him the youngest player to ever score a goal in a European competition. Three days later, he repeated his feat scoring two goals against Arsenal in the English Premier League and adding an assist that saw Manchester United win 3-2 at Old Trafford.

Since then, he has become a first-team regular, playing over 140 games for United and scoring 45 goals while also breaking into the senior squad of the English National team and has so far made 39 appearances for the Three Lions.

Marcus Rashford’s Personal Life

While the prestige and wealth that comes with being a football star will grab a lot of youngsters, Rashford seems quite down to earth and when it comes to life outside football, Rashford is either on vacation or taking time to relax and play with friends.

His hobbies range from travelling to playing video games and our wonder kid also has a big heart. He has gained so much commendation for his impact in helping school kids during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rashford also always creates time to hang out with his parents and siblings. He is also a big fan of the Super Bowl and was spotted in the Super Bowl final between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers in February 2020.

Marcus Rashford

Who is Marcus Rashford’s Girlfriend?

Our wonder kid isn’t living life as a loner and has a beautiful damsel by his side like a majority of football stars all over the world. Marcus Rashford’s girlfriend is Lucia Loi, a PR executive who recently bagged first-class honours from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Rashford Girlfriend

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi have been together for quite a while and Lucia Loi even takes time to go see him play at football matches. The lovebirds are not married but if their relationship continues with its present momentum, we can be sure to see them tying the knots pretty soon.

Who are Marcus Rashford’s Parents?

Marcus Rashford was raised by both his dad and mum, Mr Robert Rashford and Mrs Melanie Rashford. His parents are not together and his father Robert, has said he will tell his own side of the story when the time is right with his name not even included in Rashford’s birth certificate.

Rashford And Mother

His mum, on the other hand, is his pillar of support, she gave her all for her son and is currently benefitting from her efforts with Rashford recently moving his mum into an £800,000 luxury house close to where he grew up in Wythenshawe. Rashford didn’t buy the property but he’s renting it out for his family at a cool £5,000 a month while he works on building them something more permanent.

Who are Marcus Rashford’s Siblings?

Marcus Rashford is the fourth of four children. He has two brothers and two sisters. His sisters are Chantelle and Claire while his brothers are Dwaine and Dane.

HobbiesPartying, Gaming, Bowling, Going on Vacation.
GirlfriendLucia Loi
Name of Marcus Rashford’s ParentsRobert and Mel Rashford
Name of Marcus Rashford’s SiblingsChantelle, Claire, Dwaine, and Dane.
Height5 Feet, 11 Inches
Tattoos?Yes, Various body parts.

His brothers Dane Rashford and Dwaine Maynard created their own agency and represent Marcus Rashford their little brother.

Rashford Brothers

Marcus Rashford’s Networth and Lifestyle

For a young football star, Marcus Rashford isn’t doing badly with the youngster’s net worth being estimated as a whopping $80 million which is quite remarkable, but given his youth it seems somewhat unrealistic.

In 2017, Marcus Rashford bought a £1.85 million mansion in Bowdon, Cheshire. The luxurious six-bedroom pad consists of three floors and also comes with five bathrooms and a beautiful garden.

Net Worth $80 million
CarRange Rover
FIFA 2020 Rankings84 wih potential of 89

As far as cars are concerned, he’s certainly a fan of German automobile car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz having been spotted in the CLA, GLA & C Coupe. He also drives a Range Rover, as with most footballers, with his being customized by Urban Automotive.

Marcus Rashford is a Nike athlete and he has appeared in a number of the promotional ads of the sportswear brand following his breakthrough at Old Trafford.

Fun Facts About Marcus Rashford

Fact 1: In recognition of his efforts fighting child food poverty, Marcus Rashford was given an honorary doctorate by the University of Manchester, which makes him the youngest doctor ever.

Fact 2:  Marcus Rashford was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s 2020 Birthday Honours.


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