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Marcelo Bielsa Biography

This work on Marcelo Bielsa Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle, and Girlfriend/wife.
Who was Marcelo Bielsa before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Marcelo Bielsa Childhood Story:

Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera was born on the 21st day of July 1955. His birthplace is the city of Rosario in Argentina. His father’s name is Rafael Pedro while his mom goes by the name Lidia Caldera.

Where Did Marcelo Bielsa Grow Up:

The manager was raised in the city of Rosario. He grew up alongside an older brother Rafael and a sister named María Eugenia in the city. Growing up at Rosario, Young “El Loco”,  as he was fondly called was a studious kid. In fact, he had a thing for reading books, an interest that slowly metamorphosed into addiction. At some point, he had subscriptions for over 40 sports magazines. That was how much Bielsa loved reading.

Marcelo Bielsa Early Career Trajectory:

Asides reading, Bielsa played football and trained with Newell Old Boy’s club. Although he made it to the club’s first team, it wasn’t long before he dropped out after struggling to establish himself with the club. Not long after he dropped out, Bielsa turned his sights on football management and became head coach of Newell’s Old Boys School’s Youth Division in 1980.

phot of .....during his failed football career days.
Photo of Marcelo Bielsa during his failed football career days.

In the ensuing decade, El Loco went on to manage other clubs that include Atlas F.C. 1993—1995 and Club America 1995—1996. At the peak of his early career, Bielsa was manger of Argentine side – Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield 1997-1998 and Spanish club – RCD Espanyol in 1998.

photo of ... during his early days as caoch at .....
photo of Marcelo Bielsa during his early days as coaching.

Career Turning Point:

The pivotal moment of Marcelo Bielsa Career came in 2004 when he was coach of Argentina. The team – under his astute leadership – won gold during the 2004 Olympics.

photo of
Photo of the coach in the 2004 Olympics. when he led Argentina to a goal medal finish

His managerial success was replicated with Chile’s national side which he helped qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Although the team didn’t get past the round of 16 during the tournament, nonetheless Bielsa earned a hero-like status for drastically improving their performance.


In 2011, Bielsa proved that his successes were not only restricted to national teams as he saw Athletic Bilbao to the finals of the UEFA Europa League and Copa Del Rey in his first season with the Spanish club. In addition, he did extremely well managing Marseille, Lazio, and Lille between 2004-2007.
He achieved the biggest of his success in 2020 when he took over the reins of the then Championship club Leeds United and helped them achieve promotion to the Premier League in 2020. The feat wasn’t easy because Leeds was battling injuries at the time. At the time of writing this piece on Marcelo Bielsa Biography, the coach is doing an impressive job keeping Leeds in the Premier League and there are no limits to what he can achieve with the club.

Marcelo Bielsa Personal Life:

To start with, his Zodiac Sign is Cancer. Traits that define his personality outside football include his proclivity for eccentricity and consistency. In addition, Bielsa who pays much attention to details is not big on revealing facts about his personal and private life. Regarding his interest and hobbies, Bielsa loves shopping and strolling. He also has a thing for reading, posing for photos with fans as well as spending time with people close to his heart (family and friends).

photo of the great coach in a supermarket
Photo of the great coach in a supermarket

Who Are Marcelo Bielsa, Wife and Children? 

Bielsa is Like most managers, married with kids. The name of his wife is Laura and they have been couples for more than 30 years. Asides from being Bielsa’s wife, Laura is a renowned architect and respected academic at the National University of Rosario. Children born of their union include Mercedes and Ines.

photo of his eldest daughter
Photo of his eldest daughter Ines.

Ines loves sports and has an interest in hockey. However, there isn’t much information available about Mercedes owing to the fact that she lives a private life.

About Marcelo Bielsa Parents and Siblings:

The coach’s dad is Rafael Pedro. He is a trained lawyer who has an interest in football and politics. He has a good relationship with Bielsa regardless of the fact that he played and coached for rival club Newell Old Boys (a club that was rivals of Rosario which Pedro supported).
On the other hand, the name of Bielsa’s mom is Lidia Caldera. She used to be a teacher and a hardworking one at that. In fact, Bielsa is believed to have inherited his incredible work ethics from her. Regarding his siblings, Bielsa has a brother Rafael who is heavily invested in politics and once served as a minister of foreign relations under Argentine president Nestor Kirchner. One of his sisters is an architect and also into politics. In fact, she was once the vice-governor for Santa Fe. Meanwhile not much is known about Marcelo Bielsa’s sister, Maria Eugenia- Perfil.

photo of his sister
Photo of his sister Maria Eugenia.

Marcelo Bielsa Lifestyle and Net Worth:

Regarding how the manager makes and spends his money, his net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $1 million. The wealth as we all know was accumulated from years of football management. However, it is difficult to track how he spends it no thanks to his penchant for living a Conservative lifestyle. As such, it might be difficult to know what kind of cars he rides or the nature of the house that he resides in.

Facts About Marcelo Bielsa:

To wrap up this engaging piece on the coach’s biography, here are facts that you may not have known about him.

About Marcelo Bielsa’s Nickname:

Are you aware that Marcelo Bielsa’s nickname El Loco translates as – Mad Man? The nickname is not unconnected to his ruthless devotion to winning games. He also exhibits impulsive eccentricity whenever things don’t go as he planned.

Summary of Marcelo Bielsa Biography:

Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full Name: Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera.
Nickname: “El Loco”.
Age: 65 years (in 2020).
Place of Birth: Rosario in Argentina.
Sibling: Rafael (brother) and Maria Eugenia (sister).
Girlfriend/Spouse: Laura Bracalenti (wife).
Salary: 8,878,000 Euros per year.
Net Worth: Over 1 Million.
Zodiac: Cancer.
Height: N/A.
Pets: N/A.
Marcelo Bielsa Family Origins: Argentina.
Name of Marcelo Bielsa parents: Rafael Pedro Bielsa (father) and Lidia Caldera (mother).
Family Background: Middle class.
SoFIFA Ratings: N/A.


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