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Los Angeles Angels Top Prospects For 2022 – Sportliva

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The owners of Major League Baseball may have locked out the players, resulting in the league’s first work stoppage since 1994-95 and halting the offseason, but that doesn’t mean we’re abandoning our usual plans.

As part of our trip to showcase the best three prospects for each of the 30 clubs, we’ve arrived at the Los Angeles Angels’ farm system.

Please keep in mind that these rankings are based on talks with scouts, analysts, and player development personnel from throughout the league. As one would anticipate from subjective exercises, personal bias is built-in, therefore some disagreement is to be expected.

Now it’s time for the gasbaggery.

1. Reid Detmers, LHP

Angels' Reid Detmers vows to return this season, despite time lost to COVID  – Orange County Register

Coming out of Louisville, Detmers was thought to be a polished strike-thrower who would swiftly advance through the minors. After 13 professional outings, Detmers made it to the majors. He made five major-league starts, with a 7.40 ERA and a 1.73 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Those stats belie the fact that he’s still a viable mid-rotation prospect with a low-90s fastball, a big-time curveball, and a slider that performed well in The Show. In 2022, Detmers should have a better chance in the majors, and the stats should improve as the sample size grows.

2. Sam Bachman, RHP

2021 Draft: Sam Bachman, RHP | 05/15/2021 | MLB.com

Bachman, the ninth overall choice in the July draft, was one of the most divisive players in the group. His raw talent is evident; he has a triple-digit speed turbo sinker, a swing-and-miss slider, and a decent changeup to boot. The remainder of Bachman’s game isn’t quite that sure-fire. His delivery is unusual for a potential starter, and clubs were concerned about his injury history. Bachman should progress rapidly in the minors, but it’s unclear if he’ll be able to stay in the rotation or avoid the disabled list long enough to justify his draft position.

3. Ky Bush, LHP

MLB Draft Profile: Ky Bush - Prime Time Sports Talk

Bush, a big-bodied lefty with a high release point and booming stuff who has thrown more strikes than projected since 2020, was the Angels’ second-round choice in July. His fastball and slider are both above-average, and he adds a curveball and a changeup to his repertoire that might be improved. Bush may wind up pitching in relief, but he’s been on the right track.

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