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Kieran Tierney Biography

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This work on Kieran Tierney Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle and Girlfriend/wife.

Who was Kieran Tierney before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for the long ride ahead.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story:

Let’s begin with when and where the centre back was born. Kieran Tierney was born on the 5th day of June 1997. His birthplace is Douglas, the capital town of the Isle of Man. See Photos of his father Michael and mother Gail below.

Kieran Tierney Parents

Where Did Kieran Tierney Grow Up?

He grew up in a residential housing estate. The name of the estate is Muirhouse, and it is in Northern Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. He was his family’s last born and had his fair share of pampering. However, his parent later became very strict with him.

Was Football Kieran Tierney Childhood Sport:

Yes, it was. Tierney grew up as a fan of Celtic football club and a was a season ticket holder like every member of his family. He has many memories of the club’s triumph in football. The football year which inspired Tierney to become a professional footballer was when Celtic won the double of the Scottish Premier League and the League Cup.

Kieran Tierney Early Career Trajectory:

The lad began his career football journey with Celtic academy as a 7-year-old left-winger. He wasn’t confined to just training, but assigned to serve as a ball boy whenever Celtic had big games. He was one of the ball boys when Celtic beat FC Barcelona 2-1 in November 2012.

He began his career at Celtic academy

Kieran Tierney Career Turning Point: 

The centre back’s rise through Celtic ranks has not always been rosy. There were times which he wasn’t getting enough gameplay. The lad wasn’t even considered for selection into Scotland’s national team when he was 14-15 years old. Just when he was about breaking into the club’s first team, he had an accident that saw him break his leg. That was an enormous setback for the youngster who had dreams and aspirations.

Kieran Tierney Breakthrough:

Fortunately, he recovered and committed himself to obtaining the best out of football. When Tierney clocked 20 he was already a winner of four Scottish Premiership titles including a treble. Also, His amazing performance during the 2018/2019 season including at the champions league, attracted clubs which begged for his signature. He committed to Arsenal during the summer of the 2019 transfer window and his exploits in the club have continued to make headlines.

Kieran Tierney Celtic Glory Days at Celtic

Kieran Tierney Personal Life: 

The love for the centre back doesn’t end with just football. Fans, friends and family love him because of his persona of bonding well with people of different backgrounds and age. His humility and mentally tough nature amazes them.

Who are Kieran Tierney Parents:

Our boy is definitely not single. He has a girlfriend known as Amy Hale. She loves dancing and was a participant of the World Irish Dancing Championships held in Dublin. Tierney and Hale love each other dearly. Their boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is one of the best in Scotland. Hopefully, they will get married and coast into a romantic happy thereafter.

Kieran Tierney with his parents

Who are Kieran Tierney Siblings and Relatives:

Our boy doesn’t joke with family. He holds them in high esteem. His parents love advising him to keep his head down and stay focused. Tierney doesn’t take their advice for granted and he has done many things to reward them for his quality upbringing. Before his move to the Premier League, the centre back bought a house in Motherwell for both his mum and dad. That is how rewarding and appreciate he is and his parents, alongside his elder sister, love him for that.

Kieran Tierney Lifestyle:

The centre back’s net worth is 12,50 Mill pounds. Reports have it he doesn’t live a very glamorous lifestyle that fans would love to see him live. Although he has an amazing sleek sports car, he is hardly seen sporting wristwatches, stud earrings and diamonds. Most of his monies are reportedly invested in family and close folks who he helps sustain financially. That’s charitable of the centre back.

The defender lifestyle


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