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Joshua Zirkzee Biography

This work on Joshua Zirkzee Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle, and Girlfriend/wife.
Who was Joshua Zirkzee before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Joshua Zirkzee Childhood Story:

Joshua Zirkzee was born to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Zirkzee, on the 22nd-May-2001 in the city of Schiedam, Netherlands. Joshua is the oldest child of two children born of his parents.

childhood photo of the yuoung joshua zirkzee
Childhood photo of Joshua Zirkzee.
Joshua Zirkzee is a Dutch citizen who has his maternal roots in Nigeria, his mother is from the Isoko tribe in Delta State, Nigeria. The player has his paternal roots from Schiedam, which is in South Holland. Joshua’s birthplace has an estimated population of 76,000, and it is popular for having the tallest historical windmills in the world.

Where did Joshua Zirkzee grow up?

Joshua Zirkzee was only 3 years old when his family relocated from Schiedam to Rotterdam. Young Joshua grew up alongside his younger brother (Jordan). Like Marcus Rashford, the young footballer fell in love with football at a young age and since then he has been inseparable from the sport. What’s more, Zirkee and his brother had a happy childhood as their parents provided everything they needed.
photo of the attacker in 2015.
Photo of the attacker in his early football career.

Early Career Trajectory:

Joshua Zirkzee like most footballers started football at an early age. The young footballer’s parents had him enrolled in VV Hekelingen academy when he was 5 years old in order for him to hone his skills in the sport. Josh’s talent in football made him stand out among his mates. The young footballer was quick in learning and easily adhere to the directives of his trainers. In 2010, his father had him enrolled in Spartaan ‘20 under the tutelage of Ricardo Willemse where there were competitors to help him sharpen his football skills.
right from his early career days the player has always stand out among his teamate because of his skills and statue.
From his early career days, the player has always stood out among his teammates because of his skills and stature.
The footballer trained with Nelson Amadin which helped him in improving his experience and playing skills. Thereafter, he moved from Spartaan ‘20 to ADO Den Haag, where he was a member of the club’s U-16, despite being 14 years old. The striker’s looks, height, and skills were what made him stand out among his mate.

Career Turning Point:

In 2016, Joshua Zirkzee was signed by scouts from Feyenoord. He soon joined  Bayern Munich the following year and put up entertaining performances that made his fans endeared to him. 

photo of joshua zirkee
Photo of Joshua Zirkee during his first contact with football in Bundesliga.
The striker’s skills were shown on his arrival at Bayern Munich. He scored a hat-trick in his debut for the club’s reserve team. Joshua Zirkzee’s show of pure talent attracted applaud from legends like Jerome Boateng.


Joshua Zirkzee’s show of talent in all of his games made Gernot Rohr from Nigeria want to snatch him to his team but all effort was wasted as the striker snubbed every move made to bring him to the Nigerian team. The striker won a lot of trophies for the Bavarians and it made his career life to be filled with celebrations.
At the time of writing this biography, he is the youngest Dutch goalscorer in the Bundesliga. In January 2021 the striker was loaned to Parma after he completed his senior debut years with a continental treble.
photo of the attacker celebrating with one of the tropies he won for his team.
Photo of the attacker celebrating with one of the trophies he won for his team.

Joshua Zirkzee Personal Life:

Joshua Zirkzee like other footballers has his own distinctive character off-pitch. the footballer is a jovial and kind person. thou, not an alcoholic, he likes having a good time with friends while taking carbonated drinks. Above all, Joshua Zirkzee loves spending time with his family and friends.
photo of the footballer having a good time with his friend.
Photo of the footballer having a good time with his friend.

Who is Joshua Zirkzee Girlfriend/Wife To be?

Joshua Zirkzee like most footballers has a love story. The striker is currently dating a beautiful brown-skin Instagram model named Celina Kerr.

photo of joshua zirkee and his girlfriend.
Photo of Joshua Zirkee and his girlfriend.
The player and his girlfriend are very much in love as they display their photos on Instagram. Through their show of affection for each other, our guess is she might be his future wife and the mother of his unborn kids.

Who Are Joshua Zirkzee Parents and Siblings?

Joshua Zirkzee father’s name is Remco Zirkzee. The striker’s father is supportive and has positively influenced his football career in many ways. In fact, he oversaw the footballer’s soccer progression from the start up until he recorded success in top echelons. On the other hand, Joshua Zirkzee’s mother is a black skin woman from Nigeria. The strike’s mother is also supportive and has helped him out of many difficult situations. His mother is a living example to her boys.
photo of joshua zirkee and his Nigerian mother.
Photo of Joshua Zirkee and his Nigerian mother.

Joshua Zirkzee has a younger brother named Jordan Zirkzee. His brother is also a footballer, he was born in 2005 and he is also a member of Feyenoord youth team. His brother has always been supportive of him.

photo of the joshua's younger brother.
photo of Joshua’s younger brother (Jordan).

Joshua Zirkzee Net Worth and Lifestyle:

At the time of writing the biography of Joshua Zirkzee, his net worth was estimated to be €2 million in 2021. The striker doesn’t fancy a luxurious lifestyle instead he prefers riding his portable bicycle around the streets.
photo of joshua showing off his bicycle around town.
Photo of Joshua showing off his bicycle around town.

Summary of Joshua Zirkzee Biography:

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Joshua Orobosa Zirkzee.
Age:19 (in 2020).
Place of Birth:Schiedam, Netherlands.
Sibling:Jordan Zirkee.
Girlfriend/Spouse:Celina Kerr.
Net Worth:€2 million (2021).
Height:6 Feet, 4 Inches.
Joshua Zirkzee Family Origins:Schiedam, Netherlands.
Name of Joshua Zirkzee parents:Remco Zirkzee (father).
Joshua Zirkzee Family Background:Middle class.
SoFIFA Ratings:68/82.


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