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Houssem Aouar Biography

Houssem Aouar Biography
Houssem Aouar. (Image:

Preamble to Houssem Aouar Biography

Who is the French youngster that Arsenal are desperate to have man their midfield? Houssem Aouar is a French national who plays for Lyon and the national team of France.

He is best known for his calm style of play with excellent technical quality. The midfielder began his journey in football by playing for AC Villeurbanne before joining Lyon academy when he was 11.

His years of consistent development with Lyon were rewarded with first-team debut in February 2017 when he was aged 19. Nicknamed Houss, he is a regular with the Lyon and looks to steer his country team and whichever club he finds himself to success.

The French man is in his early twenties and his career is fast taking the shape of football greats. What have you heard or read about Houssem Aouar’s life story?

Are there curiosities you have about him? Relax as we satisfy them by taking you through an engaging ride on Houssem Aouar biography. This bio is a collection of curiosity-satisfying facts detailing his childhood, parents, love life, family, net worth and other facts about him.

Also, factual information will be presented about Houssem Aouar’s love life, personal life and lifestyle. This where we cut the chase and delve into business proper.

Houssem Aouar’s Childhood and Early Life

A Childhood Photo of Houssem Aouar
A Childhood Photo of Houssem Aouar. (image:

When and where was he born?

The midfielder was born on the 30th day of June 1998 at the city of Lyon in France. He was named Houssem Aouar by his Algerian father and mother.

Is the midfielder of dual ethnicity?

Although Aouar’s parents are Algerian, he was given birth to in France and officially recognized as a French citizen. The midfielder in his interview with Players Tribune revealed that he grew up with just his mom at Lyon. She was a nurse when she migrated from Algeria to France before the midfielder was born.

What Was Houssem Aouar’s Childhood Sport?

The French man’s sport has always been football. He played it in the multicultural streets of Lyon alongside peers.

“We used to have fun together as kids in Lyon and were united despite differences in nationalities and origins. Football was a passion we all had in common and we were all friends. That is the perfect reflection of Lyon neighborhood and the unity is one of our strengths,”

He told players tribune.

Full Name Houssem Aouar
Nickname Houss
Date of Birth 30th day of June 1998
Place of Birth City of Lyon in France
Birth Sign (Zodiac) Cancer
Ethnicity Undefined
Nationality French

Houssem Aouar’s Career Trajectory

A photo of the 15 year old midfielder playing for the youth systems of Lyon
A photo of the 15-year-old midfielder playing for the youth systems of Lyon. (image:

How Aouar’s Journey in Professional Football Began

Aouar began his journey in organized football at local AC Villeurbanne when he was 8. He spent just three seasons at the club before joining Lyon in 2009 to continue his education in football. As a kid with dreams of playing football, he idolized French legend Zidane.

He would often pretend to be the world Cup winner while playing on the streets and at the academy. It is important to state that Aouar’s choice of having Zidane as his mentor may not be unconnected to the fact that Zizou also has Algerian family roots.

Career Turning point

At 18, Aouar was close to signing his first professional contract with Lyon but had tough decisions to make. Liverpool was at the time signifying strong interests in the midfielder and even offered him a deal.

Speaking to Planete Lyon, via the Metro, Aouar revealed that:

“It was a tempting offer, but I sat with those close to me to think hard about it. In the end, I chose to commit my future to Lyon because it is where I have laid my plans for success.”


Aouar made his debut for Lyon in February 2017, just months after he signed a three-year professional club with them. Clad in the number 8 Jersey, he announced himself to the footballing world by dominating Manchester city’s midfield comprising Fernandinho, Riyad Mahrez and David Silva during a 2-2 UEFA Champions League draw on November 2018.

His good run of form continued during the 2019/2020 season when he scored a goal against RB Leipzig in a Champions League group stage match and helped Lyon reach the semi-finals of the tournament. Houssem Aouar’s exploits in football have only just begun. His name will keep making headlines on Sportiva as the world looks forward to a decade of exciting football.

Houssem Aouar’s Personal Life

Recovery in football does not mean recuperation from illness or injury sustained. It also entails activities or hobbies which sportsmen engage to take maintain sanity outside the world of fierce competition. For Aouar the hobbies include playing pool, hanging out with friends and pursuing his interest in fashion.

Who is Houssem Aouar’s Girlfriend?

At 22 years of age, Aouar is close to being a senior bachelor. Neither is he too young to have a girlfriend. This begs the question of who is Houssem Aouar’s Girlfriend? He seems happy without one at least for the meantime.

If having a wag is not often celebrated by fans in the French football, then Aouar imminent switch to the Premier League is a welcome development for curious minds.

Don’t give up on checking this page for updates on Houssem Aouar’s Girlfriend. You may want to never know how close the midfielder is to get one.

Who are Houssem Aouar’s Parents?

Houssem Aouar With his mother at the 2018 Baloon dOr Ceremony
Houssem Aouar With his mother at the 2018 Ballon d’Or Ceremony.  (image:

We hold several facts to be self-evident about the midfielder’s family life.

Fact 1:  One of Houssem Aouar’s Parents shares a close bond with him. It is no other person but his mother.

Fact 2: She attends his game and he once dedicated the best goal he has ever scored to her. It was the second leg of a UEFA Europa League against AZ Alkmaar and Aouar’s goal was the sixth of Lyons 7-1 victory.

Fact 3: Aouar’s mother accompanied him to the Ballon d’Or event in 2018. Who else could have accompanied him when he doesn’t have a girlfriend? His sister right or a brother if he is has any of both.

That’s the much we can take about Houssem Aouar’s Parents. We hope to update this page when information about his father and siblings hit the web.

Houssem Aouar’s height 5 feet, 9 inches
Girlfriend? None
Children? None
Name of Houssem Aouar’s Parents N/A
Siblings? None
Relatives N/a

Houssem Aouar’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

The midfielder’s net worth in 2020 is $2 million (estimated). The primary (salary and wages), secondary (winning bonus) and tertiary sources (sponsorship and endorsements) of his wealth revolve around football. Houssem Aouar’s net worth and lifestyle don’t blend well.

For starters, he still lives in his parents’ house. In addition, it is not in his character to flaunt flashy cars. Anyway, we understand that he is being modest as he can definitely afford to get himself a pleasant house and ride exotic cars.

Fun Facts About Houssem Aouar

Fact 1: He is a great dribbler. Great is not the right word. We believe “Expert Dribbler” will suffice.

Fact 2: Aouar has in years of his career in top-flight drawn comparison to Philippe Coutinho and his idol Zidane.

Fact 3: Behind the rise of every football star are tips for greatness. Houssem Aouar’s life story proves that humility, shrewd decision making and hard work are recipes for success.

Conclusion of Houssem Aouar’s biography:

We have come to the end of this article. Thanks for reading this piece on Houssem Aouar biography. At Sportliva, we appreciate your comments on your perception of our articles as we strive to revolutionize the bio-space. Remember, Houssem Aouar biography is not the only article in our bio section. Consider reading Pablo Mari Biography



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