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Hakan Calhanoglu Biography

This work on Hakan Calhanoglu Biography presents you facts about his early life, net worth, family, childhood, personal life, parents, lifestyle, and Girlfriend/wife.
Who was Hakan Calhanoglu before he became famous? Stay tuned as we walk you through his life story, beginning with his childhood. Buckle up for it is a long read that promises to be interesting.

Hakan Calhanoglu Childhood Story:

Hakan Calhanoglu was born 8th-February-1994 in the city of Mannheim, Germany to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Calhanoglu. He is the oldest of two children born to his parents. Below is a photo of his parents.

photo of the player's parents.
Photo of the player’s parents.

The player has his family roots in Konursu village of Bayburt, Turkey. As of 2010, his hometown had an estimated population of about 1,573 people.

Where did Hakan Calhanoglu grow up?

Hakan Calhanoglu grew up in the streets of Mannheim alongside his younger brother. The young brother fell in love with football at a young age, and they got permission to play street football with their friends because of the love their father has for football.

Early Career Trajectory:

Like most footballers, Calhanoglu fell in love at a young age, and his father him at a local institute when he was 7 years old. The young player’s parents believed in their son and they did everything to ensure he became a professional footballer, his parents made him join Waldhof Mannheim academy.

photo of Calhanoglu's early career days.
Photo of Calhanoglu’s early career days.

Although, the midfielder had a hard time understanding the directive of his trainers and he worked hard to improve his football skills and make his family proud. The midfielder joined the youth team of Karsruher SC after spending eight years at Waldhof.
Calhanoglu started gaining traction in soccer at his new team and he was called on different occasions to play for his country. The midfielder looked up to Mesut Ozil and he did as much as he can to be great at playing football.
The player moved to Hamburger SV with his parent’s support in 2013. Although the players spend much time at the German club, he dared to exhibit traits of Cristiano Ronaldo in taking free-kicks at Hamburger.

Career Turning Point:

Hakan Calhanoglu moved to Bayer Leverkusen in 2014, the midfielder ensured that the €14.5 million invested in acquiring him was not a waste, so he worked harder and began scoring goals when he was just 20-years-old.

the experession on Calhanoglu's face when he scores a goal was priceless.
The expression on Calhanoglu’s face when he scores a goal is priceless.

In 2017, Calhanoglu joined AC Milan and he had a four-year contract worth €24 million with the Italian club. This move for him made his parent proud and his mother consistently bragged about his progress in football.

photo of Calhanoglu when he was being signed by ac milan.
Photo of Calhanoglu when he was being signed by AC Milan.

The midfielder was given the number 10 jersey, which made his fans expect extraordinary performance from him.  Sadly, Calhanoglu was not able to meet up to what of expected of him but he did all he could to be better than he was.

Hakan Calhanoglu Breakthrough:

Fortunately, Calhanoglu’s improvement in his football skills made him the topic of many football analysts. The midfielder also made history when he assisted Rafael Leao who scored the fastest goal in Serie A on 21st December 2020.  Rafael Leao scored the goal precisely 6.2 seconds on the clock, and it was recorded as the quickest goal ever scored in Europe’s top five leagues.

the player assited in scoring the fastesngoal in history
The player assisted in scoring the fastest goal in Serie A on 21st December 2020.

After assisting Rafael in scoring the fastest goal, many clubs came after the young midfielder with the intention of signing him. Hopefully, the midfielder will end up joining Juventus in 2021. Indeed his hard work has paid off.

Hakan Calhanoglu Personal Life:

Hakan Calhanoglu has a distinctive personality off-pitch just as most footballers. The midfielder has a gentle, honest, and instinctive personality. Occasionally the player indulges in child’s-play just to relieve stress and catch-up on lost time with friends.

the player is the life of the party
the player is the life of the party.

Calhanoglu is the life of every party and there is no dull moment with him, the player also has musical talent (DJ). But most importantly the player loves to spend free time with family and friends.

besides playing football, Calhanoglu loves music and loves being a Dj for his freinds party.
Besides playing football, Calhanoglu loves music and loves being a Dj for his friend’s party.

Who is Hakan Calhanoglu Girlfriend/Wife To be?

Calhanoglu fell in love and married his childhood girlfriend, Sinem Gundogdu at Mannheim in 2017.

phto of Calhanoglu and his beautiful wife.
Photo of Calhanoglu and his beautiful wife.

Sadly their love story went south as his wife accused him of flirting with another woman. Thus, their marriage was on the verge of a divorce. Fortunately, in 2018 the couple reconciled and had their first baby name Liya. At the time of writing this article, the player is expecting his second child.

photo of the couple and their beautiful duaghter.
Photo of the couple and their beautiful daughter.

“We are expecting another miracle in my family, and our Liya will soon become a big sister to our unborn child.”

Who Are Hakan Calhanoglu Parents and Siblings?

Calhanoglu’s father’s name is Mr. Huseyin Calhanoglu. The player got the passion for football from his
non-league soccer player father whose passion for sports never died. Calhanoglu’s father became a coach after his retirement and he is also the founder of Calhanoglu football center (a sports institute in Mannheim). Below is a photo of his father.

photo of the player's supportive father.
Photo of the player’s supportive father.

On the other hand, his mother’s name is Naime Calhanoglu. His mother is an educated and caring mother who put her children’s welfare first before her comfort. Below is a photo of the midfielder’s mother.

photo of Calhanoglu and his mother
Photo of Calhanoglu and his beautiful mother

The midfielder has a brother whose name is Muhammed Calhanoglu. His brother took after d footsteps to becoming a football just like him and his father. Muhammed is also a midfielder and he also went to the same youth academy (Waldhof and Karlsruher SC) as his elder brother.
Although Muhammed has not yet established himself in the upper echelons of international football, he still works hard to actualize his dreams.

photo of Calhanoglu's younger broher.
Photo of Calhanoglu’s younger brother (Muhammed).

Hakan Calhanoglu Net Worth and Lifestyle:

In 2021 the estimated Net Worth of Hakan Calhanoglu is €9.9 million. He earns €2.5 million annually at AC Milan. The midfielder who grew up in Mannheim now lives a luxurious lifestyle.
The player was able to get himself flashy cars and a beautiful house due to his earning and he also travels with his family on an expensive private jet.

photo of the player and his family travelling in a private jet
Photo of the player and his family traveling in a private jet

Summary of Hakan Calhanoglu Biography:

Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full Name: Hakan Calhanoglu.
Nickname: Hakan.
Age: 27 years (in 2021).
Place of Birth: Mannheim Calhanoglu.
Sibling: Muhammed Calhanoglu (brother).
Girlfriend/Spouse: Sinem Gundogdu (wife).
Salary: 2.5 million (in 2021).
Net Worth: 9.9 million (in 2021).
Zodiac: N/A.
Height: 5 Feet, 10 Inches.
Pets: N/A.
Hakan Calhanoglu Family Origins: Konursu Village of Bayburt Province in Turkey.
Name of Hakan Calhanoglu parents: Mr. and Mrs. Huseyin and Naime Calhanoglu
Family Background: Middle class.
SoFIFA Ratings: 81/81.


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