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Eduardo Camavinga Biography

Eduardo Camavinga Biography
Eduardo Camavinga Biography (image:

Preamble to Eduardo Camavinga’s Biography

Who is the youngster that is being sought after by big clubs in Europe’s top leagues? Behold Eduardo Camavinga biography.

Eduardo Camavinga is an Angolan & French national who plays for Rennes and the national team of France. He is widely known as one of the most talked-about and exciting teenagers in top-flight football.

The midfielder took his first step in football at local club Drapeau-Fougères and progressed to build a career with Rennes. His development with the Rennais has been a propelling force which places him on the radar of major European clubs.

The teenager’s journey has only begun. In fact, there’s more to Eduardo Camavinga life story than you may not, or already know. It is on this premise that Sportliva presents to you an engaging writeup on Eduardo Camavinga Biography.

This bio is a collection of curiosity satisfying facts that give you insights into Eduardo Camavinga’s childhood, parents, love life, family, net worth and other facts.

Rest assured that information regarding the midfielder’s career trajectory, turning point and breakthrough will be outlined here to help satisfy your curiosities about him.

Eduardo Camavinga’s Childhood and Early Life

Eduardo Camavinga Childhood Photo
Eduardo Camavinga Childhood Photo. (Image:

When and where was he born?

The midfield maestro was born on the 10th of November 2002 at Miconge in the Cabinda region of Angola to two Congolese parents. His father, Celestino and mother, Sofia named him Eduardo Camavinga.

How did the youngster become a French citizen?

Camavinga was only two years old when his family decided it was time they migrated to France. The decision was informed by the unrest and perverse poverty in the Cabinda region of Angola at the time.

When the family arrived France, they took up residence at Fougères where Camavinga grew up with two older siblings (brother & sister) as well as a younger bro and kid sis.

What Was Eduardo Camavinga’s Childhood Sport?

It would be interesting to note that football was not Camavinga’s only choice of childhood sport. He had interests in Judo and did a lot of ball kicking around their house. The few kicks of football he made broke many things.

As a result, the youngster’s mother pushed him into playing football outdoors, in fields where he would properly express interests that turned passion for the sport.

Full Name Eduardo Camavinga
Nickname The Sensation
Date of Birth 10th November 2002
Place of Birth Miconge, Angola
Birth Sign (Zodiac) Scorpio
Nationality French and Angolan
Ethnicity Undefined

Career Trajectory

How did he begin playing for his first club?

Can you spot him in this team photo
Can you spot him in this team photo? (Image:

Camavinga was a 7-year-old kid when his mom signed him to local club Drapeau de Fougères. The teenager recalls that on his first day of training at the club, he saw kids of his age playing football and immediately joined them without speaking to the coach. He told GetFootballNewsFrance that:

“When my mom signed me up, I never thought there was any need for me to speak with the coach. Instead, I ran towards the pitch where kids of my age where playing and took the ball. They all wanted the ball back but I made a few dribbles and shot it over the fence. I killed their game just like that on my first day with them”.

Thus began his development in career football.

Career Turning point

The 4 years which Camavinga spent in development with Drapeau de Fougères brought out the dynamism in him as a player, and the early signs were encouraging. He was considered a prospect by Stade Rennais FC, which made a move and got him transferred to their academy when he was only 11 years old.

Rising through the ranks of the club, his prodigious talent was clear for many to see. At 16 years he was already being compared to the likes of Kylian Mpabbe and Ousmane Dembele. One of Camavinga’s ex-teammate Hatem Ben Arfa who spoke to ESPN FC said:

“There is nothing impossible for him. He is good on air, can tackle, and defend, assist and score. He is elegant, intelligent and has a powerful left foot.”


Despite being just a 16-year-old, Camavinga was called up to Rennes first team in April 2019 and became the youngest ever professional to play for the club. He had a wonderful season with the 2019/20 campaign, that saw him help the club qualify for the Champions’ League.

He did also receive French naturalisation and got his first cap with France U21s that year. Eduardo Camavinga’s career is just beginning to take shape. His subsequent exploits with the club would be another headline on Sportliva.

Eduardo Camavinga’s Personal Life

Eduardo Camavinga is not all about football
Eduardo Camavinga is not all about football (Image:

Take a good look at our boy up there. Does he strike you as one whose life revolves around just football? Certainly not. The attention he gets from agents of top European clubs is enough to make any teenager haughty.

However, Camavinga is not. He is respectful and walks with an air of maturity. He listens to music a lot and wouldn’t miss any opportunity to have fun playing video games with his brothers. What other healthy hobbies can a teenager engage?

He is big on playing video games with his brothers
He is big on playing video games with his brothers. (Image:

Who is Eduardo Camavinga’s Girlfriend?

No girlfriend, no problem is a cliche that is just perfect to describe the midfielder’s love life. He is single, at least for the meantime. Not to worry, we will have extensive info on Eduardo Camavinga’s Girlfriend when he eventually gets one. However, it is important to note that the midfielder is not too young to have a girlfriend. We know Lionel Messi and a bunch of Football stars had childhood sweethearts right?

Who are Eduardo Camavinga’s Parents?

Eduardo Camavinga with his parents
Eduardo Camavinga with his parents. (Image:

We can all thank the football genius for being amazing on the field of play. What about Eduardo Camavinga’s Parents who have been his pillar of support from birth to date?

Meet Eduardo Camavinga’s father Celestino

The footballer’s dad used to work at a pig slaughterhouse in Saint-Brice-en-Coglès. Camavinga describes him as a hard-working dad who sometimes passed the night at the workplace because the journey back home was long and stressful.

Additional info about Eduardo Camavinga’s mother Sofia

Asides leading the midfielder to focus on football, she is a mom to four other kids (Camavinga siblings). The footballer is, in fact, the third child who Sofia gave birth to. When the family’s house at Fougères was razed down by fire in 2013,  Eduardo Camavinga’s parents lost most of their belongings.

Fortunately, no one was home at the time of the incident. The midfielder has sketchy memories of the event but understands it was serious whenever his mother recounts it to him. Eduardo Camavinga’s parents have moved passed the sad event and are now happy.

Hobbies Playing video game and working out
Girlfriend N/A
Children N/A
Name of Eduardo Camavinga’s Parents Celestino (dad) and Sofia (mom)
Names of Eduardo Camavinga’s Siblings N/A
Relatives N/A
Height 6 Feet

Eduardo Camavinga’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

How does he make and spend his money?

For starters, are football players lifestyle always a factor of their net worth? There seems to be a relationship between both factors. Eduardo Camavinga’s net worth of 500,000 (estimated) might not be huge but affords him a decent lifestyle. We are yet to see him flash cars and houses. It may have something to do with the fact that he lives with his parents who want to see him focus on improving his game. Let’s conclude that he is conservatively rich.

Fun Facts About Eduardo Camavinga

Fact 1: The midfielder has no tattoos. His body is ink-free.

Fact 2: His nickname is “the sensation”. Nicknames, as we know, are not permanent in football. Check this space for updates.

Fact 3: Camavinga has a very much younger brother Celio who he plays tackle with. It is evident that the kid might become a footballer too.

Fact 4: He has long been a supporter of Rennes, right from his childhood days. His heart is at the club and he will continue to support them after moving to bigger leagues.

Fact 5: Camavinga has Angolan and French citizenship. He is technically Angolan by birth and French by naturalisation.

Behind the rise of football, stars are lessons for greatness. Eduardo Camavinga’s life story proves that humility, hard work and focus are indispensable to achieving success.

Conclusion of Eduardo Camavinga Biography:

Thanks for reading our Eduardo Camavinga biography. At Sportliva, we appreciate your comments on your perception of our articles as we strive to revolutionize the bio-space. Remember, Eduardo Camavinga biography is not the only article in our bio section. Consider reading Pablo Mari’s Biography or Houssem Aouar biography.



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