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Ten Things WWE Needs To Fix As We Head Into 2022 – Sportliva

With December, the Christmas season has begun and a new year isn't far away. 2021 was a good year for WWE, as the corporation...

9 Wrestlers Who Had Their Moment Stolen By Another Wrestler – Sportliva

Eventually, if they stay around long enough in the WWE, a wrestler is likely to receive their big moment/big chance. However, the following wrestlers had their...

8 Wrestlers Who Got Suspended & Still Got Pushed – Sportliva

When its superstars are in the wrong, WWE doesn't hesitate to take action against them. Countless wrestlers have been suspended by the professional wrestling...

Top 10 Unluckiest Wrestlers In WWE History – Sportliva

The following wrestlers couldn't seem to get a break, whether it was due to injury or circumstance. Some of these wrestlers might have averted...

10 Popular TNA Wrestlers Who Failed In WWE – Sportliva

Impact Wrestling - or Total Nonstop Action as it was originally called - has attempted to provide a different choice for professional wrestling fans...

The Real Story Behind Hulk Hogan’s Black Eye At WrestleMania IX – Sportliva

Despite not being in the main event, Hulk Hogan not only made it into the last bout at WrestleMania IX, but he also managed...

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