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7 Fast Facts About Piet de Visser

7 Fast Facts About Piet de Visser
Piet de Visser (Image: TheSun).

There is a spotter who many have come to regard as the greatest scout of all time. His reputation for discovering the most gifted and successful footballers make him one of the most influential figures of the game.

Sadly, his name remains unfamiliar to many. Who is Piet de Visser? what is his history with football? How many football talents has he helped positioned for greatness?

Relax as we satisfy your curiosities about him with this article titled 7 Fast Facts About Piet de Visser.

Fact #1 – About Piet de Visser’s Early History With Football

Piet de Visser was born on the 23rd day of September 1934 at Oost-Souburg in the Netherlands. He had early interests in football and was reportedly successful as a player in Holland before making his foray in Management.

Fact #2 – Exploits in Management 

De Visser took his first steps in Management as an assistant manager of Sparta Rotterdam in 1957. He became Head coach of DFC which he led to become champion s of the second division in his first year.
At the peak of his managerial career, De Visser saw to the promotion of De Graafschap to the Eerste Divise. He later became champion of the Eerste Divise with NEC.

Fact #3 – Why Did De Visser Become a Scout

The then accomplished manager was with NAC Breda when he called time on his career as a manager in 1993. He was battling heart problems at the time and understood that the decision would be in his best interests. According to him:

“I got a heart problem, it was something my dad had too. As a result, I quit management and went travelling, then I saw Ronaldo playing in a small tournament at St Brieux. His movements impressed me and I realized that I wanted to be a scout that will find players like Ronaldo”.

Fact #4: Who Are the Players Discovered By Piet De Visser? 

Asides discovering Ronaldo and bringing him to PSV, the super scout also discovered World Cup winner Romario and Neymar Jr. Impressed by his eye for discovering talents, Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich hired De Visser as his personal adviser and scout for Chelsea.

Piet de Visser with one of his Brazillian Discorveries
Piet de Visser with one of his Brazillian Discoveries. (Image: TheSun)

While with the blues, he discovered David Luiz and Kevin De Bruyne who he regards as his greatest signing. He also helped Chelsea set up a youth Academy and advised Abramovich on some key signings that include Arjen Robben and Thibaut Courtois. Others are Kalou, Mikel, Alex, Lukaku as well as Arnesen and Hiddink.

Fact #5 – How Does Piet De Visser Scout for Players? 

The Dutchman is living a life commitment to positioning football talents on the right path. According to him:

“The good players discover themselves, what I do is to ensure that I bring them to the right club.”

Like other scouts, De Visser goes to football games or watches TV in search of talents. While he’s at it, he grades prospects in jottings that appear alien and incomprehensible except to his secretary.

Piet de Visser secretary is the only person that understands his jottings
Piet de Visser’s secretary is the only person that understands his jottings. (Image: TheSun).

Unlike most scouts, De Visser is not solely interested in technical capabilities. He judges talents on character and mentality by getting to know their family.

Fact #6 – He Was instrumental to the Sack of Luiz Felipe Scolari 

De Visser made moves that ensure the sacking of ex-manager Luiz Felipe. According to the Super scout, Scolari’s training methods spelled doom for the club because “it lacked every kind of sharpness”.

Fact #7 – A Fighter

Looking back at De Visser’s life, it would tempt one to believe that he had never experienced major challenges. On the contrary, he has had numerous health struggles that include beating cancer and undergoing five bypass surgeries. However, he doesn’t look like one who is going to quit scouting anytime soon. In fact, at 85 years old, De Visser still tours the world in search of talents, According to him:

“My doctor told me, ‘you are in your 80’s, please stop travelling. I replied no, you don’t know Piet de Visser. I love football.”

Football is his passion and scouting has become a way of life for him
Football is his passion and scouting has become a way of life for him. (Image: TheSun).

In Conclusion:

That does it for our 7 fast facts about Piet De Visser. We hope you found it informative. Do check our archives for more quick facts about scouts whose discoveries made the game of Football interesting.  Consider reading 7 Fast Facts About Francis Cagigao. He is another impressive scout.

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